Join the Minority Veterans of America
Minority Veterans of America is an organization designed to serve the unique needs of minority veterans across the United States. We advocate and represent marginalized communities that have previously been silenced due to holding identities that are less common in the military connected community. By joining, we are able to increase the power of our voices and collectively impact the experience that minority veterans have in our communities after military service.

We remain silent no more.

Membership Eligibility

Membership in MVA is completely free and available to any of the following individuals:

Minority Veterans

A Minority Veteran is an individual who has served at least one day in the active duty and is a member of any of the following communities:

Person of Color
Religious and non-reliogious minority

An individual who has served at least one day on active duty.

Active Duty, National Guard, and Reservists

An individual who has served at least one day on active, National Guard, or reserve duty.


Any individual who supports those that we serve and the overall mission of MVA.

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