New Orleans Film Festival Music Initiative - Pitch Session Application
++ About The Music Initiative:

The New Orleans Film Festival’s Music Initiative is designed to connect Louisiana musicians to music supervisors, and to explore the collaborative process between musicians and filmmakers.

Louisiana is home to a vibrant creative community of filmmakers & musicians creating original work. This year, the New Orleans Film Society, a mission-driven nonprofit, leverages its flagship event, the Oscar qualifying New Orleans Film Festival, October 16-23, 2019, to connect working musicians with opportunities in the film & television industry, and to connect independent filmmakers at NOFF with their future collaborators–– a community of musicians whose tracks & scores can enhance their work.

#NOFF2019 will feature small group pitch sessions for 5 esteemed film & television music supervisors, featuring New Orleans’ most active and original musical artists:

Stephanie Diaz-Matos (New York)
Jonathan McHugh (Los Angeles)
Joel C. High (Los Angeles)
Tracy McKnight (Los Angeles)
Gil Talmi (New York)
Andrew Gross (New York)

Pitch sessions are an opportunity for groups of 10-15 musicians to receive real-time feedback about opportunities overseen by the prolific music supervisors in the film & entertainment industry, and for music supervisors to expand their networks to include Louisiana talent.

In addition to the pitch sessions, #NOFF2019 will host a public panel event focused on the intersection of music & film, and a networking reception for musicians & attending filmmakers.

#NOFF2019 Music Initiative will span October 20-22, including both pitch sessions, panel, and a networking reception all to take place within the festival surround.

++ Selection Process:

Musician selections will be made based upon readiness of work to be used in a film or television show, and their availability to participate in a required pitch training session led by industry professionals and pitch sessions with music supervisors; those with licensed music will be prioritized.

If you do not feel that you are a qualified candidate, please note that there are several opportunities to engage and participate beyond being accepted for the pitch sessions. Please email to keep abreast of other opportunities to participate, such as through panel programming or networking receptions.

++ Pitch Sessions:

Accepted musicians for the Music Supervisor Pitch will receive a New Orleans Film Festival credential, an opportunity to pitch in a small group of 10-15 other musicians, and access to panels and networking events with independent filmmakers. There is no fee to apply.

Please do not apply to pitch if you cannot be available Saturday, October 28 at 11am; Sunday, October 20 & Monday, October 21. All events to take place in the Central Business District in New Orleans.

++ Important Dates:

-Applications Due: August 1, 2019
-Notification of Acceptance: September 15, 2019
-Musicians receive music supervisor’s briefs: September 15, 2019
-Required Pitch Training: September 28, 2019
-Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions & Other Music-Related Programming: October 20-21, 2019

We hope you will view this application as the beginning of a lasting conversation with NOFS.

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