Junior Narrative Research Paper 1st Draft Reflection
Gathering feedback on the completion of the first draft of the Junior Narrative Research Paper.
Evaluate your ability level for writing papers or essays.
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Which part of the paper was the most difficult to complete?
Why was that part difficult?
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Which part of the paper was the easiest to complete?
Why was it the easiest part?
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Did Mr. Burns' outline example and outline on the assignment description handout help? Explain.
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Describe which part of the process of completing the paper was the most confusing. What part, while you were trying to complete it, didn't you understand? Explain.
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What did Mr. Burns do or not do to help you complete the paper? Describe ways Mr. Burns helped and ways Mr. Burns could have helped more.
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How challenging was this to complete?
Students received a total of 6 days to work on the paper. Select the following phrases to honestly assessment how much effort you put into to completing the paper in those six days.
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