Electroacoustic Barn Dance Afterhours Submission Form
This form is intended for individuals or ensembles submitting longer-duration afterhours sets for the 2019 EABD.
Artist/Group Contact Information
Artist/Group Name *
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Group Contact Name *
Name of the person we would be contacting with questions. Required if the submission is for a group, or if you are submitting as a solo artist under a different name.
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School Affiliation
Name of current university, college, or school, if applicable
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Group/Artist Bio *
Please limit your biography to 100 words.
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Set Information
Intended Set Duration *
Note that set lengths usually need to be no more than 20 minutes. This may be flexible depending on the number of after-hours artists, but plan for a 20 minute maximum.
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Instrumentation/Setup *
Please describe your performance setup, in terms of space requirements, number of instruments, whether you'll need tables/chairs/stands, and what the outputs from your audio gear will be.
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Tech/Gear Needs *
Things to include: what equipment you'll be bringing, what you'll need from the venue.
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Video *
Does your piece have a video component?
Audio/Video Files
Audio/Video Link of Group/Artist (Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) *
This does not need to be a recording of a full performance, but should give us an idea of your group.
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Thank You!
Thank you for submitting to EABD! Works will be due by June 15th, 2019. We will respond by July 15, 2019 to let you know whether or not your work was accepted.
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