Psychology Advising Agreement
Required for all new Psychology students
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Purpose of Agreement
It is our belief that both advisors and students share responsibility for making the advising relationship succeed. It is important that you, the student, are aware of our responsibilities as advisors and our expectations of you as a student. Please keep a copy so that you can refer to it as needed.
Advisor Responsibilities
Be familiar with program requirements.
Make recommendations for registration and academic plan
Monitor student progress.
Help students explore career options.
Refer students to other campus resources.
Motivate students to take responsibility for their own academic and  career goals.
Exhibit trust and confidence in students.

Student Responsibilities
Prepare for and keep appointments.
Establish and follow academic plans.
Use university resources.
Read the academic catalog.
Review academic progress.
Seek academic and career information needed to meet educational goals.
Get involved in campus and community events.
Take responsibility for and own decisions.

Please read the statements below:
I understand that I am responsible for reading the e-mails sent to me over the Psychology listserv. If I read the title of the e-mail and it is clearly not applicable to me, I am free to delete the e-mail.
I understand that I am responsible for taking action on the information contained in the e-mails sent to me over the Psychology Listserv if necessary (such as when to register for classes etc.).
I understand that no accommodations will be made for me if I fail to read and act on e-mails sent to me over the Psychology Listserv, and I agree to accept the consequences of my failure to read and act on those e-mails.

I have carefully read this agreement and agree to the statements above.
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