SunCommon Gingerbread Competition Entry Form - Red Hook, NY
All Entries must be submitted before Tuesday, December 3, 2019 (or until available spaces are filled)
Rules and Guidelines
The following rules and procedures have been set forth and established by SunCommon for the 2019 SunCommon Gingerbread Competition. Please read the rules and procedures carefully and retain for your records. You are encouraged to submit your entry form early—due to space constraints, only a limited number of entries will be accepted. SunCommon reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate. For additional questions, please email
Teams and Participants
Everyone is welcome to participate in SunCommon’s Gingerbread House Competition. We encourage families, friends and co-worker to make this a part of their holiday tradition. So gather a team, put on your aprons, make some memories and build a showstopping gingerbread house!

There is no limit to the number of team members, but each team needs to designate a Team Captain. The captain will be responsible for all correspondence, notifications and updates in regards to the competition. The splitting of any prize will be left to the team members to determine.
Materials and Construction
• Your gingerbread house should be constructed on a sturdy base - heavy cardboard, foam core, or wood (dependent on weight). If using cardboard, please cover the base with aluminum foil so the moisture from the icing does not soak through. The base should not exceed 20” by 20”
• Everything above the base of your entry that is visible must be constructed and composed completely of edible materials.
• Non-visible supports may be made of non-edible materials.
• The gingerbread can be painted or dyed light colors, but must clearly be recognizable as gingerbread.
• Edible materials are not limited to candies and icings. Use of gum paste, fondant, pastillage, chocolate, modeling chocolate, royal icing, isomalt, cast sugar, gelatin, and pressed sugar is encouraged.
• Candies must be unwrapped and free of any non-edible materials.
• All entries must be solely constructed by the individuals entering the competition. (No gingerbread kits will be permitted).
Edible Solar Panels... a must!
Each entry must include an edible version of solar panels and extra points will be awarded for each additional Sustainable House Technologies. For more information on other Sustainable House Tech, visit
• Most Technically Correct Sustainable Home Tech: $250
• Most Creative or Non-traditional: $250

Special mention awards:

• Most Local Ingredients: $75
For entries into “Local” category, please submit your house along with an itemized list of ingredients. Ingredients should be listed individually with their town, state or country, depending on what is closest.
Example: Maple Leaf Candy - Hudson, NY
• Most Affordably Made Gingerbread House: $75
For entries into “Affordable” category, please submit your house along with an itemized list of ingredients. Ingredients should be listed individually. If you list $0 value, indicate were the ingredient came from.
Example: 2 eggs from chicken coop ($0)
• Best Historical Representation: $75
For entries into this category, please include a photo or illustration of the building you are recreating.

• People’s Choice: $250
The People’s Choice competition will be conducted on SunCommon’s Facebook page after the event. Each entry will be photographed and posted on our page, and the house that has the highest combined total of likes, shares and comments on December 22 at 5 PM will be considered the winner. All entries will be considered for the prize. Only one prize will be awarded.
Judging Criteria
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