Request to Share During Group Share / Smackdown
Thank you for wanting to share whatever awesome item you are hoping to! Here are some guidelines.

1. Please share something other people also have access to.

2. You have 5 minutes or less to share your item.

3. You might / might not be chosen to "smack". I will try my best to give a heads up to the ones I plan to pick, but, if there is extra time, no shows, etc. I might start "winging it"

4. We will be using Zoom for the webinar. This allows me to toggle on anyone in the webinar to share with everyone else. So! Be prepared. You can keep your video off, but, you will need to at least have your audio shared. You will also need to share your screen and zoom allows you to display these easily. Check out this video I made that talks about what to do with zoom if all of the sudden you are asked to share!

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