Credentialed Photographer Access
If you intend to charge attendees for photoshoots, we require you to purchase Credentialed Photographer Access. It's only fair: Anyone financially profiting from our event and/or attendees must be accounted for via similar regulations as our vendors and artists.

Photographers with professional or pro-sumer gear actively taking photos--and their present subject(s)--may be approached by staff at the convention and asked if they are doing a paid photoshoot. In the event photographers hosting a paid session do not have a COAF-issued Photographer ribbon, they will be escorted to Press & Industry registration to purchase this add-on. Refusal to do so may result in the loss of attendee badges and/or being escorted off the premises. Note this does not apply to photographers not charging for their services.

This credential is $30 and is in addition to an attendee membership. The purpose of the application process is to verify your service as legitimate, not to judge quality of work. These passes and ribbons will be available for pickup or at-con registration at the Press & Industry table near Convention Operations.


What this provides to you:
- "Paid photoshoots" ribbon
- Priority seating and advance access to select events related to cosplay.
- Approval to advertise on our social media accounts.
- We will issue you a COAF-authorized logo to promote your presence on your social media and website.
- Equipment is permitted in foot traffic areas, but should immediately be moved when your shoot is complete or if any handicap or special needs vehicle need to pass through.

What the does not provide you:
- Does not grant “All Access” or Press privilege to our event.
- Does not grant you the power to restrict attendees from certain areas of the convention.
- You may politely ask attendees to clear an area, but they do not have to comply.

Reports of a Photographer being rude to attendees will result in the removal of the Photographer ribbon. Complainant will be told to discontinue photo shoots for the remainder of the event. Inability to comply will result in removal of attendee badge and the event.

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, you will be sent an email with an approval decision and further instructions as to how to proceed with your registration process. COAF reserves the right to deny Credentialed Photographer status to anyone, at any time.

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