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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of making the magic happen!
Please use this form to see what opportunities are available to participate in A Weekend Beyond the Ordinary.
"Tradition" Activities
These are the activities that have occurred at the last 3 AWBTO events. Although they've been well received, there is nothing that limits us to repeating them every year. That said, we do have the benefit of experience for organizing these activities and can provide guidance on how to set up them up -including the amount of volunteers and supplies needed.

PLEASE NOTE - Having these activities this year is going to be 100% dependent on Community Involvement. This means that we will will not have these activities if there isn't a commitment to support them.

-Thursday Night Party
-Slippery Solstice Party
-Tie Die Workshop
-Holi vs. Water Ballon Battle
-Slip and Slide
-Hooka Lounge
-Blacklight Body Paint
-Groovy Gravy Party
-Group Dinner
-Wicker Man
-Sky Lanterns

New Activities
New activities can be anything that you want to contribute to the weekend. It could be something big like hosting a crafting activity at your site or something small and intimate like an open invitation for people to drop by your site for a gift such as a craft, something to eat or drink.

It's up to you, what could you do to increase the amount of self-expression, creativity, community, and sharing of joy at AWBTO this year?

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