Application to participate in the Hume Society Early Career Scholar Mentoring Program 2021
If you wish to be considered to participate as a mentee in the Hume Society's 2021 Early Career Mentoring Program, please provide the following information:
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Please describe your current situation as an early career scholar (grad student, post-doctoral researcher, on the job market, untenured faculty member, etc). Be sure to include current/most recent institutional affiliation. *
Please describe your areas of research. Be sure to characterize the work you do that is related to Hume. *
Do you have a work in progress that engages in Hume scholarship? *
Please describe the work in-progress that you hope to receive feedback on from a mentoring Hume Scholar. *
Can you commit to attending a virtual workshop in early November as part of the Early Career Scholars Mentoring Program? (Date TBD) *
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