2020 Full and Partial Scholarship Request
Full or partial scholarships are available. Complete this form in its entirety and you will receive communication regarding its status within 10 business days.

To be eligible for a full or partial scholarship, you must provide Lynchburg Little League with the following:

• An explanation of the financial hardship (please explain in the FINANCIAL HARDSHIP EXPLANATION section)
• Copy of approved Free and Reduced School Lunch from the player’s school and/or other supporting documents


• Proof of residency – indicating that the player resides within the League boundaries
• Proof of age – indicating that the player meets the eligibility requirements to play in DVLL
• Completed Registration Form, Code of Conduct acceptance and Medical Release

Legal Guardian's Last Name *
Legal Guardian's First Name *
Player's First and Last Name *
Name of School the Player Attends *
Home Address *
Your Relationship to Player *
Primary Phone Number *
Secondary Phone Number *
Email Address *
Is the player eligible for Free/Reduced School Lunch? *
What is the Annual Household Income? *
How are you willing to "give back" to the league? Choose all that apply. *
How much can you pay toward the cost of registration? *
Explain in detail your financial hardship. *
I/We, as the Parent or Legal Guardian of the player(s) named above, attest to the truth for the above information to the best of my/our knowledge and are willing to produce any documentation needed to accept the scholarship if it is offered. *
Type your Full Name as an agreement to the above statement. *
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