GoodFellas is recruiting!
Requirements & Rules
1. You must have Discord installed & own a good microphone; using Discord is mandatory;

2. You must be active and communicate all prolonged absences beforehand; we understand real life comes first;

3. Respecting the ranks and the chain of command within the guild is imperative;

4. Always work towards the common benefit of the guild;

5. All members must participate in group activities as much as you can, something like 80% of events, although we won’t be counting it; we are not looking for solo-players but you can play solo sometimes if you feel like that, just don’t do it usually;

6. Everyone must contribute time and resources to upgrading the guild base and resource reserves, eventually this is for the greater good. This means that crafters can craft equipment for everyone and eventually you will waste less money on your gear because you won’t buy any piece of gear;

7. If you lie/cheat/steal from any guild members or don’t bother playing as a team by pulling your fair share of work for the guild, you will be kicked;

8. Must speak & understand English enough to communicate effectively in heated situations; we accept people from all timezones & places; You don’t need to speak a perfect english but at least we need to understand you, english concepts in games are easy to manage anyways;

9. Must follow all guild systems in place.

Are you up for the challenge?
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