Maller Painting Color Selection Form
Please see the diagram to match your color choices with the areas of the home as applicable. Changes from the current color layout, unless noted during the estimate, may increase the cost. An example of this would be changing soffits or gable from body color to trim color, such changes could result in a significant increase.
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Picking your colors example 1. (please put paint manufacturer, color name and color code on all sections.
Sherwin Williams Rocket Red SW 1234 (pick sheen multiple choice)
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What Sheen for Body Color *
Trim Color
What Sheen for Trim Color *
Fascia boards and Gutters color *
What Sheen for Fascia Boards and Gutters *
Gables color
What Sheen for Gables *
Soffits color (Body color is standard, choosing another color will increase cost substantially)
What sheen for soffits *
Front Door Color *
Front Door Sheen *
Garage door color
What Sheen
Back or side doors color
Back or side door sheen
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