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Have you ever been a Queen dealer/merchant/consignor before?
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If yes - Dealer Code and Store?
How long have you been in the antiques/interior business?
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Date desired
Please list any antique malls where you currently rent space or have rented space and list any references.
We require at least a 60% antique/vintage and no more than 40% new mix. Describe what you will sell and how your merchandise meets these standards.
How do you plan to market your business at the Queen of Hearts?
If you have a business Facebook page, what is it?
If you have a business Instagram account, what is it?
If you have a business website, what is it?
Will you be able to merchandise your space 2 to 3 times a week?
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Do you currently have or are planning to have at least 3 months of inventory available?
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Do you have assistance in loading and unloading your merchandise to bring into the Queen?
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We offer a monthly Training/Orientation class that is mandatory for all incoming dealer-merchants last approximately 2 hours and is held once a month. If you are a new dealer-merchant coming into our store for the first time we expect you to attend this class within the first three months of your contract with us. Will you be able to meet this requirement?
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If you are a current dealer and requesting additional space have you attended this class?
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