FALL 2019 REGISTRATION and POLICIES - The String Project at UTEP
The String Project at UTEP is a fabulous program for children in grades K-4 that follows the National String Project Consortium model. Our project is generously sponsored by a grant from the NAMM Foundation in conjunction with support from UTEP. The String Project must obtain outside underwriting and funding in order to keep the program cost low. If you are involved in a business, company, or know of a potential donor who would like to underwrite our magnificent String Project or help pay for some of our teachers each semester, please contact Dr. Stephanie Meyers (smeyers@utep.edu) / (915) 241-6849. Thank you for your support and participation in the String Project! - Dr. Stephanie Meyers, String Project Director
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I understand that the cost of the String Project at UTEP does NOT include instrument rental. Instrument rental is my responsibility. I will contact Robertson and Son's http://www.robertsonviolins.com (great place for cello and violin rentals - they will ship the instrument to you from Albuquerque and have great rates and good instruments), White's Music Box (great place for violin rentals in town with wonderful instruments - conveniently located at the corner of Mesa and Resler) or other available music store(s) to make arrangements for instrument rental before class begins. Please check out and bookmark the UTEP String Project website at https://www.utep.edu/liberalarts/stringproject/ to stay updated and get more information on instrument rental and important dates! *
I agree to continue the rental of an instrument for my child when String Project is not in session while enrolled in String Project so that my child may continue daily pracitce. *
For new students, I agree to purchase a shoulder rest (for violins and violas). If my child chooses to play cello, I will purchase a rock stop. It is understood that I must have all the necessary equipment recommended by my assigned teacher, including Suzuki books for study at lessons. I agree to continue practicing and continue with lessons while I am in town through the Summer Break so that my child is prepared to begin the first day of the String Project Fall 2019 Semester! *
I understand that each child must bring a folding music stand along with his/her instrument and a .5 inch (1/2 inch) hard cover three ring binder with music to Group Class each time class meets! *
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