Screening Committee Application - 2020 Atlanta Film Festival
If you'd like to be a part of the Atlanta Film Festival's volunteer pre-screening committee for film selection, please fill out the application below.

Deadline to apply is June 21, 2019. Please read below before completing the application.

We're looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable film lovers to join our screening committee for ATLFF. Spots are limited, and only serious applicants will be considered.

A screener is a volunteer whose role is to watch and review submissions, providing notes and recommendations for programmers to review when they evaluate submissions. Each year ATLFF must narrow down thousands of submissions to the roughly 150 films that will make up our program, and the work of screeners is invaluable to this process.

Screeners can earn up to an All-Access Badge to the 2020 festival depending on the number of films they watch!

The ATLFF Screening Committee is comprised of 50 to 100 screeners from the Atlanta community to watch films each year who themselves are academics, filmmakers, screeners for other festivals, ATLFF alums, and/or regular ATLFF attendees.

PLEASE NOTE: Screeners do not program films for the festival nor make any decisions regarding programming. They are not representatives of the programming team nor are they staff or affiliates of the Atlanta Film Festival/Atlanta Film Society. By filling out this application, you acknowledge the volunteer nature of the role.

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All new screeners will be required to complete an online orientation and to attend at least one screener meeting this fall. While we prefer local screeners, we do take screeners from out of town on a case-by-case basis.
Have you, or are you planning to, submit a film to the 2020 Atlanta Film Festival? Will someone be submitting a film that you worked on (in any capacity)? Please also answer YES if you know of a family member or close friend that is planning to submit. *
Screeners are not allowed to evaluate films in the same category their projects are submitted to. They are permitted to judge films in a different category though.
If you answered YES, please explain.
This is not an automatic disqualification from serving on our committee, but we do need to be made aware of any potential bias (and will need to assign you to a different category than the one you have or will submit in). PLEASE NOTE: If a screener's project is found submitted to the category they are judging, committee participation and any rewards earned will be revoked.
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