Request for Excused Absence
At McDougle Middle, we recognize that students may be absent due to travel opportunities or other educational experiences. Parents may request that these absences be excused. Absences may be approved for five days for travel within the US and up to eight days for international travel.
Family events such as weddings, reunions, etc. will not be considered excused unless there is an educational component or experience associated with the trip. We recognize that not all family events or vacations may fall under the category of an "educational opportunity" and anticipate that some students may have unexcused absences. We do not become overly concerned with these types of absences unless they are excessive in nature.
Please complete the following information and submit the form to Mr. Bales Principal. (If you have more than one child, you only need to complete one form. Please list all student names.)
Mr. Bales will notify you if the absence has not been excused. If you have questions, please contact Principal Bales at . Thank you!

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I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my child completes all missed work during this absence. I will work with the teachers to ensure that my child completes all make-up work. *
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