Waitinglist FoM Tickets
If you still need tickets, however the event is sold out, fill in this form.
Please give us some time to process the running orders, it takes 2 weeks before orders expire so it takes 2 weeks before we can start processing the waitinglist. We will contact you if tickets are available.

Please read the following guidelines!

- Only use this form if you are interested in tickets for the event. Don't waste our time with adding yourself to the waitinglist
when you are not gonna respond to our emails.

- When applying to get on the waiting list, make sure to provide all necessary info.
Submissions that are not complete will be declined without warning instantly!

- When you receive an email about a ticket, please try to respond as quickly as

- If we don't receive an answer after 3 days, your submission on the waiting list
will be removed without warning and the tickets will be provided for the next in line.

- Please make only one submission for your whole team and don't create a submission for every team member.
Double submissions will instantly be deleted.

You can only continue if you accept these guidelines!
Agreement of guidelines *
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