2021 Staff Application
We're so glad you are applying to join us for one of our incredible programs for the summer of 2021 ("The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet" for Camp One Act and "Revival" for our traditional musical theatre camp).
Please fill out this application and we'll get back to you soon.
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What is your educational background? Where/When did/will you receive your degree(s)? (ex: [school/university/college] class of [date], BA/BFA/BS in [major]). If you are post-graduate, please include your current job title in addition to your educational experience. *
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I am able to provide my own transportation, which does not rely on other potential staff members. *
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Are there any medical concerns/allergies we should know about? Please be open and honest in this section. We cannot help you with medical situations we do not know about. (ex: knee injury on right knee, anxiety, bee allergy) If none, please write "none". *
Why do you want to be a Broadway or Bust Staff member? What do you think campers can get out of working with you? *
What skills do you think make you a good leader? *
Please write a 400 word (or less) bio you would like to share with camp parents, sponsors, and community members. This is a place to show off your skills, your experience, and what makes you a valuable team member. *
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