Electric School Bus Opportunity
BFA has an exciting opportunity to participate in an "ALL ELECTRIC" school bus pilot program.
This opportunity comes at NO ADDITIONAL COST to us over the price of our conventional diesel buses. The purchasing plan for this coming budget year is to purchase 2 new diesel buses for about $180,000 total. Through the program we will be able to purchase 2 "all electric" buses at the same cost as our conventional diesel buses. The necessary charging equipment and training of the drivers and the mechanic is all included in the program at no additional cost to BFA.

The data gathered will show us the feasibility of purchasing electric buses for this geography and climate in the future.
Just think "quiet" and "no smell" (among other benefits)!
One of the things needed to be accepted into the pilot program is the support of the school, local boards and community. Your support is an important part of the application process. With that said, I would like all of you that are interested in this opportunity to share your thoughts below. *
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