TCU CTS Form (Post Test)
Please indicate how much you AGREE or DISAGREE with each statement.
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1. You get upset when you hear about someone who has lost everything in a natural disaster. *
2. You are locked-up because you had a run of bad luck. *
3. The real reason you are locked-up is because of your race. *
4. When people tell you what to do, you become aggressive. *
5. Anything can be fixed in court if you have the right connections. *
6. Seeing someone cry makes you sad. *
7. You rationalize your actions with statements like “Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I?” *
8. Bankers, lawyers, and politicians get away with breaking the law every day. *
9. You have paid your dues in life and are justified in taking what you want. *
10. When not in control of a situation, you feel the need to exert power over others. *
11. When being asked about the motives for engaging in crime, you point out how hard your life has been. *
12. You are sometimes so moved by an experience that you feel emotions you cannot describe. *
13. You argue with others over relatively trivial matters. *
 14. If someone disrespects you then you have to straighten them out, even if you have to get physical. *
15. You like to be in control. *
16. You find yourself blaming the victims of some of your crimes. *
17. You feel people are important to you. *
18. This country’s justice system was designed to treat everyone equally. *
19. Police do worse things than do the “criminals” they lock up. *
20. You think you have to pay back people who mess with you. *
21. Nothing you do here is going to make a difference in the way you are treated. *
22. You feel you are above the law. *
23. It is okay to commit crime in order to pay for the things you need. *
24. Society owes you a better life. *
25. Breaking the law is no big deal as long as you do not physically harm someone *
26. You find yourself blaming society and external circumstances for the problems in your life. *
27. You worry when a friend is having problems. *
28. The only way to protect yourself is to be ready to fight. *
29. You are not to blame for everything you have done. *
30. It is unfair that you are locked-up when bankers, lawyers, and politicians get away with their crimes. *
31. Laws are just a way to keep poor people down. *
32. Your good behavior should allow you to be irresponsible sometimes *
33. It is okay to commit crime in order to live the life you deserve. *
34. Prosecutors often tell witnesses to lie in court. *
35. You justify the crime you commit by telling yourself that if you had not done it, someone else would have. *
36. You may be a criminal, but your environment made you that way. *
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