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What does fascism look like when it comes to America?

Will it come wrapped in the American flag, blaming immigrants, and inspiring violence against dissent?

The Donald Trump campaign has morphed from the vanity project of a spoiled billionaire to a vessel for reactionary racism, sexism, and homophobia, using the dissefection of the working class to support his rise. White nationalists and other neo-fascists have found the Trump campaign mainstreaming their message, making their brand of nationalism and racialism more palatable to the rest of America. Each appearance is marked by violence against protesters and a hateful rhetoric that appeals to the darkest part of the American psyche.

Plainly put: Donald Trump represents a fascist politic, come to 21st century America. Whether it is blaming Latino immigrants, scapegoating Muslims, or demeaning women, every part of Trump’s appeal comes from maximizing the tendencies towards fear, anger, and resentment. He taps into the populism of those who have seen wages drop, pensions disappear, and are less and less able to make ends meet. Instead of seeing the answers in collective action, working class power, and the confrontation of capitalism, Trump provides an answer that instead attempts to restore formal white supremacy as the answer to this working class angst. That answer is rooted in oppression and violence, and what is happening in America around his presidential bid is unprecedented, and has the potential to become a violent force of oppression.

That is, unless resistance continues.

Donald Trump is nearing the end of the GOP primary, coming out on top of both Ted Cruz and John Kasich. He is going to be hitting the west coast hard in an effort to get the 1,237 so that the party cannot contest his election at the convention. This means even coming to the Portland, Oregon area, somewhere he will not visit again come the general election. Instead of coming into the larger metro area, he has decided to come to a more remote part of our community: Clark County.

Donald Trump will be showing up in Vancouver WA May 7th to a location that his campaign has yet to announce. There he will be met by a massive coalition who are dedicated to stopping Trump’s rhetoric of hate and nationalism. Instead, this group will be standing up to his bigotry, raising the voices of people of color, and doing whatever it takes to show that community and solidarity wins over hate.

Join this coalition on Saturday, May 7th and pledge to do what it takes to confront Donald Trump. There, groups will be coming together to stop this flood of fascist organizing, and will respect autonomy and a diversity of tactics.

Come stand in solidarity, show that you will do what it takes to stop violent racism in America, and join the resistance!

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