St. Odilia Fall Sports
St. Odilia Athletics competes as part of the Catholic Athletic Association (CAA). All St. Odilia students are invited and encouraged to participate regardless of ability or previous playing experience. Athletes, parents and spectators are required to abide by the CAA Code of Conduct.

Registration for fall sports must be completed by August 10, 2018. Registrations will NOT be accepted after this date.
We will do our best to place each student on a team, however, if we do not have enough athletes in a grade or a coach, we may not be able to field a team.

All students and parents must sign a Code of Conduct before the season begins. One form must be completed for each athlete. The fee is $85.00 for the season and it will be billed through TADS.

The families of all soccer players are required to volunteer at the concession stand at least once.

Shirts and shorts are provided as uniforms. Athletes that do not return their uniform in a timely manner after the season will be assessed a $30.00 fee.

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In the event of an emergency, I give permission to transport my child to a hospital for emergency medical treatment. I wish to be advised prior to any further treatment by a doctor or hospital, in the event of an emergency. If you are unable to reach me at the above numbers, please contact: *
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Participation fee is $85. Payments will be charged through TADS. You will see the amount on your next bill. *
Transportation: I understand that transportation is NOT provided by the school. It is the parent's responsibility to transport their child to any athletic events. By submitting this form I am agreeing to the above and that I I grant permission for my child named above to participate in the above named sport. I warrant that my child is in good health. I understand that such an event does involve some element of risk incidental to such participation, and I do release and hold harmless St. Odilia Parish/School, the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis, the CAA and coaches. None of the above named parties shall be made financially responsible for any injury, illness, or death incurred as a direct or indirect result of this activity/season described above. I understand that there is no medical insurance provided by the Parish or Archdiocese. I also have read and agree to the terms of the Student Requirement and Expectation. These terms can be found on the school website. *
Code of Conduct: Personal conduct that is respectful, patient, and mature is required within our association. Please remember that players play the games, coaches coach the games, and officials officiate the games. Spectators should not involve themselves in coaching or officiating matters. Please remember that CAA events use the facilities of many member schools, public schools, and recreation centers. It's essential that we show proper respect in our treatment of all the gyms and fields we use and leave them clean and in the same excellent condition in which we find them. *
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