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Some of the information in the section is optional. Your responses provide EOC with information regarding how best to serve you to fulfill your educational and vocational needs and to help determine your eligibility to take classes at SUNY Syracuse EOC.
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Are you a displaced homemaker?    (A displaced homemaker is generally a person who previously provided unpaid services to the family.  For example, were you a stay-at-home mom or dad?  Are you no longer supported by your spouse?  Are you underemployed or unemployed?  Are you having trouble finding or upgrading employment?)
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Employment & Income Information
The following information is required of all applicants. ALL classes at SUNY Syracuse EOC are free. Therefore, all students must be income qualified to participate.
Please estimate last year's total combined household income from all sources.  Add a zero if you had no income last year.  (Examples: Work, Public Assistance, Unemployment, Disability/Workman's Compensation, Social Security, etc.) Please only USE NUMBERS (123456). *
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Thank you for completing the SUNY Syracuse EOC Online Interest form. Next, you will be contacted by a program counselor at the email address you provided to submit enrollment documents and schedule a TABE test. Please check your email for a message from a address, and don’t forget to check your junk/spam folder. We look forward to working with you!
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