Multiverse Subscription Form
Are you interested in setting up a subscription with the new Multiverse Store when it starts up? Well you're in luck because we are getting our order ready for books to begin delivering in June 2019.

Please use this form to let us know what books you would like to subscribe to.


- If you order it, you have to buy it. These books are ordered SPECIFICALLY for you. If you don't pick it up we find ourselves overordering books that we may never sell. Simply put, if it does not sell in the first 3 weeks, we probably won't sell it.
- You have two weeks to pick up your books. If you cannot make that, let us know. We can work something out!
- If you ghost us we will cancel your account. If this happens you will only be able to resume services with a valid credit/debit card on file that we will charge when your books arrive.
- Want to cancel a title? Sounds good! You're still on the hook for anything we've ordered for you in the past 3 weeks, but after that we will stop pulling that title for you.

Work for you? COOL! We will have special deals for you guys coming out very soon! Including discounts for prepayment! Stay tuned!

What About Variants And Multiple Copies?
If you want to us to pull more than one copy of a title or variant (or both) let us know in the Special Instruction section at the end.
14 PAGES?!
Don't worry, it's not that serious. The last half is separated by publisher and you can skip stuff that doesn't apply to you.
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