The Qualities of Civic Trusteeship
The Civic Trusteeship Application provides you with an opportunity to tell us a little about yourself.

Some things to consider as you complete this very brief application:

Leadership is demonstrated in many ways. You don’t need to hold office or run a company to be considered a leader. Civic Trustees are leaders in their community who have been successful in helping other people to accomplish a goal. This sort of leadership can come from coaching or captaining a team, starting a club, or managing a community project. There is no one way to lead, so please share your unique experience with us.

Civic Trustees have a special relationship with their city. Whether you live, work, or attend school there, all Civic Trustees share a passion and commitment to making their city stronger than it is today.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope to hear your pragmatic solutions for your City as a Civic Trustee.
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1) Searching for solutions instead of simply pointing out problems 2) Working on solutions that are "doable" -- that are cost effective and based on evidence of success 3) Pursuing the adoption of solutions with a no-blame approach.
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