WSESU Survey - School Meals during Covid 19 Shut-down

This form has been created to capture information from families so that we can make sure school meals continue to be available to our students during the school closure due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We will deliver meals for students at school bus stops where students have been picked up in the morning, and other selected locations daily from Monday through Friday. One delivery of a lunch and next-day breakfast will be made each day, sometime after 10:30 am. Specific delivery times will be posted as soon as we know more details about need.

We need to know from parents what students are participating, and where school meals will be picked up. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY ONLY ONCE, AND INCLUDE ALL CHILDREN 18 AND UNDER WHO WILL BE RECEIVING MEALS. Meals for all children specified below will be made at one time and location, regardless of which WSESU school they attend.

Additional information on food delivery schedules, menus, and contact information for special food needs or more complicated food delivery arrangements is available on the WSESU website ( Covid 19 Updates page
Email address *
NOTE: Please DO NOT SIGN UP MORE THAN ONCE. You only need to sign up once and you will receive both breakfast and lunch. If you have special requests see the contact information at the bottom of the Student Information Page on
Please provide a family name or other identifier for this order so that we can locate it in our system should you need to have us make changes *
How many children ages 18 and under will be receiving school meals? *
Will you receive (pick up) the meals at the regular morning bus stop? Note: delivery will happen later in the morning at that stop, NOT at the morning pickup time *
If yes, please identify the town and bus stop where you will be receiving the school meals (Example - Dummerston, Church parking lot in Dummerston Center, or Brattleboro, Black Mtn Inn on Putney Rd)
If not receiving a meal from your bus stop, food will be available at the following sites. Please choose the site you will use. It must be the same site each day. NOTE: the Ledgewood Heights and Moore Court sites are available ONLY to youths who are RESIDENTS at those sites. An alternate site near Ledgewood Heights is the Brattleboro Outlet Center. An alternate site near Moore Court is the Central Fire Station on Elliott Street
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