NY Energy Democracy Alliance Membership Form
If your group is interested in joining the Energy Democracy Alliance, please fill out the form below. The Energy Democracy Alliance is deeply committed to our mission and principles. In addition to requesting information about your organization and what you can and will bring to the collective work, this form provides an opportunity for applicants to affirm their commitment to our core mission and principles. To review the Mission and Principles, please visit: http://energydemocracyny.org/about/ 

Thanks for your time and your participation!  
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Part One: Organizational Identity and Representative
The Alliance is open to organizations, not individuals. While we do welcome individuals to share their expertise in our working committees, individuals not representing organizations cannot participate in the formal decision-making structure of the Alliance.
Name of Organization *
Name of person(s) who will represent your organization at Alliance meetings and participate in Alliance communications on behalf of your organization *
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Where is your organization based *
Where is your orgnanization's sphere of influence/organizing? *
ie - do you work on policy (at city, state or national level); programmatic implementation, etc...
Part 2. Agreement to Mission and Principles
All Member Organizations must agree to the Energy Democracy Alliance’s Mission Statement and Statement of Principles, in full. Organizations applying for membership must also demonstrate that they already work for those values on some level.  Principles can be found here: http://energydemocracyny.org/about/ 
Check here to confirm that your organizational leadership has read and agreed to the Mission Statement and Principles in full: *
How does your organization demonstration its commitment to some or all of these principles in its work already? *
Part 3. Contributions to the Success of the Energy Democracy Alliance
Member Organizations are expected to actively participate and contribute to the success of the Energy Democracy Alliance in a variety of ways.

Members are expected to participate in discussions over our list-serv, to take part in Alliance-wide meetings by phone (about twice per month) and in person (a few times a year), and to actively participate in at least one working group. If capacity constraints limit the ability of the organization to actively participate in a working group, the organization is expected to work with the Alliance to spotlight any of the organization’s work that illustrates energy democracy in action.
Check here to confirm that your organization will participate in a working group AND/OR use your current energy democracy work to contribute to the Alliance’s elevation of Energy Democracy in New York:   *
Organizations applying for membership should demonstrate how they can contribute capacity to the Energy Democracy Alliance. Examples of capacity include, but are not limited to: ability to mobilize members or the public at large to action, policy or other expertise, access to connections and power, access to financial resources. In what ways will your organization contribute to the capacity of the Alliance? *
Part 4. Commitment to a Just Leadership Structure
The Energy Democracy Alliance is open to any group that agrees with and demonstrates a commitment to the mission and principles we are collectively working toward. We are also committed to a cultivating decision-making structure and practice of centering our work around those most impacted by energy policy and least able to influence that policy in today’s system. We expect all member organizations to commit to and work toward enacting those principles within our own Alliance.
Is your organization a membership organization? If so, how do you define membership? *
Organizations that are white-led and/or are led by people with class privilege are expected to show deference to the positions and needs of organizations led by people of color and low-income people. Member organizations must agree to participate in a leadership structure that is weighted toward organizations grounded in low income communities and communities of color. Check here to agree to this type of internal culture and decision-making structure: *
Member Organizations are expected to be up-front about the demographics of their own membership and decision-makers so that the balance of decision-making within the Alliance can be driven by organizations who are in turn driven by largely people of color and/or low-income people. Please describe, to the best of your knowledge, the demographics of your organization’s leadership, staff, and membership: *
Part 5. Evaluation
Members will be periodically evaluated by their peers within the Alliance to ensure that all Member Organizations are participating in and contributing to work and the success of the Energy Democracy Alliance. (Evaluation Process is still under development)
Check here to show your agreement to this evaluation process:
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