Vegan Yack Attack Feedback Survey
For the first time ever, I'm asking for your input on my website! I'm redoing the site this year, and I want to make it as easy-to-use as I can (in compromise with my work flow), aesthetically pleasing, and have faster load times. In addition, I want to make sure that my content is helpful, engaging, and of course, delicious! Your input is invaluable and I so appreciate you taking a few minutes of your day to fill this out.
Are you vegan? *
How long have you been coming to *
Have you made any recipes from the site? *
Do you find the step/assembly photos in the blog post helpful? *
How do you feel about the number of photos in each blog post? *
Obviously this is a food "blog" so there will always be a writing component to this, where I share tips and personal anecdotes. How do you feel about the posts overall? *
Too wordy, not helpful
Engaging and helpful
Is there something you wish I mentioned more frequently in blog posts? (ie. more substitution options, cooking equipment, basics, etc.)
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Do you find the recipe plug-in that I use to be user-friendly? *
Ads help fund a small part of site maintenance/upkeep plus cost of supplies, so in my case they are necessity. Do you find the number of ads to be cumbersome?
Do you find the blog post and recipe are easy to read and comprehend? (font size, writing style, etc.) *
I have issues reading your site
The writing is clear and comprehendible
Are there certain types of recipes you wish to see more of on the site? If so, answer below.
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Do you recommend recipes from VYA to others? *
What is your impression of VYA/Jackie? (ie. knowledgable, impersonal, professional, engaging, down to earth, too casual, etc.)
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What day of the week do you prefer to or are more likely to read new recipes/blog posts? *
Is more video content something that interests you/is helpful? *
When you reach a food blog, what are some of the more important things for you concerning the website design? *
Your answer
This is the theme I am considering adopting for my website: What is your first impression? (Copy link and open in a new tab to keep your answers on this page) *
Busy and cliche
Clean and professional
If you have any other input or feedback to offer please write it here!
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Thank you SO, so much for taking the time to fill this out. If you are open to receiving follow-ups to this survey or would like to be signed up for my email newsletter, please leave your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS below.
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