Sign Up for HVTechFest Hackathon on October 23-24, 2020
Theme: Tech-Driven Recovery in the Hudson Valley and beyond
Emphasis: We'd like to address Social Distancing Challenge and Digital Divide Challenge, but we welcome all challenges and ideas.

We’re very excited to announce we’re organizing our first virtual hackathon, HVTechFest II, on October 23-24, 2020!
Are you a creative thinker? A problem-solver?
Are you concerned about issues related to the Social Distancing? Digital Divide? Small cities “Main Street” businesses trying to survive through “New normal” challenges?
Do you have an idea to solve a problem related to the “new normal” in the Hudson Valley? If so, then come join us for the Second Annual Hackathon, which will be run as a key activity of our second Hudson Valley Tech Festival.

Our signature HVTechFest Youth Hackathon 2020 will be
- Using hi-tech and low-tech functions to solve the public problems;
- Teaming professionals together with youth to build a digital artifact or prototype
- Gaining entrepreneurial spirit while introducing collaborative way of problem solving

Due to venue restrictions and safety as our top priority, we will be moving forward with a single remote-first, virtual Hackathon this Fall on October 23-24. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to bring you our first remote while interactive Hackathon!

We are rescheduling our HVTechFest conference for the Spring 2021 to combine in person and remote experience. Stay tuned!

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