Technoport 2019 Volunteer Application
Thanks for your interest in volunteering. We just have a few questions to get to know a bit about you. This way we can make sure you enjoy the experience and also get to put your skills to use.
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Do you have any previous experience? (Events and jobs done. If you don't it is fine!)
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It is possible to choose multiple dates and times. (Set times may be changed closer to the conference)
If you are working during the Conferences, you will probably be assigned to multiple tasks throughout the day.

Feel free to let us know if there is anything you would like to see or join, within the Conference program, and we will try to make it happen, even if you are "on duty".

If you are helping out with the set up on Monday and Tuesday, you will get free access to both Conferences.

If you are rigging down on Wednesday, you will get free access to the Technoport Conference in the morning.

What would you like to work with? *
Please let us know what your preferences are and we will try to work with them as best we can.
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