NHS Health Check
The NHS Health Check is a free check-up of your overall health. It is designed to identify your risk of developing certain health problems, eg heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke.

We are using this secure online system to ask you some important questions in advance.

OPTIONAL: You can submit a recent weight, height and blood pressure readings.

If you would like to, please measure your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening, while sitting down. Each time take two readings, 1 minute apart. Continue measurements twice daily for at least 4 days and ideally 7. Gathering all your readings first and entering them here will allow calculation of your average blood pressure.

SAFETY: Readings above 180/110 cannot be entered and should be reported by calling the practice.

Your answers will be attached to your medical record but may not be seen immediately. This system should never be used if you are in need of urgent medical attention. In this event, please contact the appropriate services (999 or 111) or the practice as normal.
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