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Virtual Mock Interview Current Students. Thank you for your time volunteering for mock interview current students.

Monday, September 14th
Place: Virtual

Deadline to sign-up for volunteering: August 28th

Once we gather your information, we will send you an email on the week of September 1st - confirming your time and the student(s) you will mock interview. Each interview will last 30 minutes (15-20 minutes interview, 5-10 minutes feedback/wrap-up review). We will provide you example questions you can ask the students.

Any years of experience in the oil and gas industry is welcomed. You don't have to be currently working for a company in order to volunteer. As long as you have previous experience, this counts as well. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our organizers. Thank you for helping our students!

Kamilia Putri (kputri94@gmail.com) - SPE GCS YP Membership
Jaemin Williamson (jangjaemin@gmail.com) - SPE GCS YP Membership
Andrea Lopez (andreadorellylopez92@yahoo.com) - UHSPE Industry Liaison Committee
Current/Past Role
What time are you willing to volunteer? If you choose one time slot, you will only volunteer during that time slot. If you check all boxes, you will volunteer all of those times. Thank you for your time!
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