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Company: Olu Assistant (Subsidiary of Olubrain Technologies.)

Job Description:

As an Olu [Resource] Assistant, you will handle the research & resources for a portfolio of clients. You will communicate with company partners and all 3rd-parties.

Your duties will include the following:

- Carry out minimal online research
- Handle client tasks (Travel Planning, Online Shopping, etc.)
- Source & vet new business partners/vendors (
- Basic Data Entry


Required Skills:

- Written and communication skills
- Organisational skills
- Interpersonal skills


Working Hours:
Monday - Friday. 9am-6pm.


Office Location:
- Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Starting Salary:

- N40,000/Month (Basic/Entry-Level)
- Automatically eligible for OACRP (Referral program which enables you to gain unlimited amount of cash bonuses each month)
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