World Triathlon Mentoring Programme - Mentors' Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in participating in the World Triathlon Mentoring Program!

This form / questionnaire is intended to help us get to know a bit about you as a potential mentor, and also to help us find a match with an appropriate mentee. Please use the section at the end “Anything else we should know?” if there is anything important that you would like to share with us that has not been covered by the questionnaire.

Before filling this form please read the “Role of the Mentor” and the “Person Specification for the Mentor” below.

Closing date for applications: FRIDAY, 17 JULY 2020
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Role of the Mentor
1 Attend the six-week World Triathlon training for mentors and sign the mentorship agreement (including the list of their assigned mentees)
2 Communicate with each mentee to build rapport and trust and establish initial needs and goals
3 Record mentoring interventions on the World Triathlon platform in line with agreed protocol
4 Conduct regular mentoring interventions with each mentee (normally monthly) in line with guidance and complete their own confidential record of goals, progress and actions
5 Make a commitment to giving 6-8 hours per month
6 Refer unresolved challenges to their Continental Mentor Lead (CML) to agree solutions
7 Conduct a 9-month review to document mentee progress and agree next steps (to continue, to wind down, to amend) and agree new mentoring relationships as negotiated with the CML
8 Identify personal learning and growth gained through the mentoring programme
9 Participate in webinars and other community of practice activities
10 Complete the World Triathlon Mentoring Programme evaluation process as and when requested by the CML
Person Specification for the Mentor
Prospective applicants must have:
• excellent rapport-building and interpersonal skills
• sound knowledge in their specified discipline (coaching – minimum World Triathlon Coaches Level 2 Certification or equivalent; technical officiating - minimum World Triathlon Level 2 TO Certification; and governance/leadership) and knowledge of where experts can be accessed
• open-mindedness with a hunger for personal learning and development
• passionate about developing other coaches/technical officials/administrators
• commitment to provide 6-8 hours per month of mentoring time

Ideally applicants will:
• be self-aware and have good reflective skills
• have experience of mentoring other adults or have had a successful experience of being mentored
• have experience of helping other adults to learn (eg facilitator)
• have sound IT skills
Inclusivity Criteria to be considered in Application & Selection Process
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