Common Area Reservation Request
Use this form to request a reservation of a selected commons area. You will receive an email containing specific guidance for use of commons areas once your request is approved. By completing and submitting this form, you agree to abide by the guidelines established here: Failure to abide by reservation guidance may result in denial of future common area requests. Note that association scheduled events take priority in scheduling. Additionally, you may not restrict other CM residents from being in a common area; however, you are reserving your right to set up event resources and may deny other residents from utilizing your resources (i.e., fun jumps, food, tables, and chairs). Please remember that any resident who is sponsoring an event is assuming liability for managing the event and ensuring that all guests follow the approved usage rules of common areas. Additionally, liability for damage to to property or injury incurred by any guests attending your event is the responsibility of the homeowner managing the event. At no time should guest vehicles be parked on common area property, and any damage to common area property is the responsibility of the reserving association member. 
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Name of homeowner requesting reservation *
Street address of homeowner *
Best phone number for homeowner *
Email address for homeowner *
Date of requested reservation *
Start to Stop time of reservation request (special approval needed for non-daylight times) *
Approximate number of guests invited to event *
Requested commons area location *
What resources do you plan to set up and utilize in the commons area (i.e., fun jump, tables, chairs, any other rented party equipment)? *
I understand that alcohol use in common areas  requires additional insurance coverage and will need longer approval time. *
I understand that any music equipment and/or speakers must abide by the City of Broussard permitted decibel levels, and if asked by a resident with property adjacent to the commons area, I will lower the volume of sound equipment within reason so as not to disturb other nearby homeowners. *
I understand that should any of my guests fail to abide by Cypress Meadows covenants or cause disturbances at the event, it is my responsibility to have them removed. *
I will contact the Cypress Meadows coordinator for this reservation (provided in follow-up email) at any time if my event is cancelled, or at the conclusion of the event. *
If this request is for a recreational department athletic practice, please provide the name of the rec operating agency who holds insurance liability for the team.
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