The Centers for Disease Control recommends that schools do NOT conduct daily symptom screening for K-12 students due to the ineffectiveness of on-site screening. Instead, the CDC encourages guardians to monitor their children for symptoms of infectious illness every day through home-based symptom screening prior to sending the student to school.

Please complete the form below attesting that you will monitor your child daily for symptoms of illness (including taking their temperature) and not send them to school when ill. In addition, we ask that contact your student's school if they are a close contact to a COVID-19 positive individual or if they test positive for COVID-19.

PLEASE NOTE: School health rooms are very diligent and will send students home if they are exhibiting signs of illness.
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By entering my initials below, I attest that I will monitor the health of my child on a daily basis (including taking their temperature) and will keep my child home from school if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (listed below). Additionally, I will contact my child's school nurse if my child is a close contact to someone who is COVID positive or if my child tests positive for COVID. Please type your initials in the box. *
COVID-19 Symptoms
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