RPTS Financial Aid Application
Please note that students have the majority responsibility for their educational and living expenses. Aid awarded by RPTS is intended to augment the student's efforts. By submitting this form, you are confirming that this information is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

Please complete and submit this financial aid application as early as possible after your acceptance to RPTS. Any awards granted will be for the coming academic year. Returning students will be asked to update their application annually, so that financial aid awards might take into account changes in a student's situation during seminary studies.

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General Information
How would you describe yourself? *
This question is asked for the purpose of awarding named scholarships which are specifically designed to assist minorities or students serving in specific geographic areas.
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How many dependents do you have (including your spouse)? *
Academic Information
Into which program have you been accepted? *
If you are seeking financial assistance through scholarships, loans, or veteran's benefits, you need to have been accepted into a program of study.
Please indicate your planned enrollment for the coming year. *
From a cost standpoint, full-time enrollment is 12 credits, although 15 credits per quarter are needed in order to complete your degree in the recommended amount of time. The summer quarter includes only special offerings, internships, or independent studies - not a regular course schedule.
Full time (12+ credits)
3/4 time (9-11 credits)
1/2 time (6-8 credits)
Less than 1/2 time (1-5 credits)
No enrollment
Fall 2018
Winter 2018
Spring 2019
What was your undergraduate (or other most recent) GPA? *
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Denominational Affiliation
What is your church affiliation? *
If you selected "Reformed Presbyterian" in the previous question, are you officially a student under the care of your presbytery?
Have you participated in an RP Global Missions trip? *
If yes, please list the year(s) and location(s).
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Have you participated in the Theological Foundations for Youth Program at RPTS? *
If yes, please list the year.
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Financial Information
What is your current annual income (after taxes)? *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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How will this income be affected while you are in seminary? *
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What is the amount of your mortgage debt? *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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What is the amount of your education debt? *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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What is the amount of your auto debt? *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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What is the amount of your other debt (credit card, etc.)? *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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Income and Education Funding Options
How do you intend to pay for your seminary education and living expenses? *
(Part-time employment, spouse employment, savings, assistance from church, etc.)
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If available to you, would you be willing to participate in our institutional work study program? *
Work study is occasionally offered to students to help with the care of the seminary's facilities.
List the amount you currently have in savings. *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none).
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Do you have veteran's benefits that could be used at RPTS? *
Do you think your church would be willing to participate in our church match scholarship program? *
RPTS will match up to one-third of what a church will pay toward your tuition: http://rpts.edu/pdf/ChurchMatchScholarship2018-2019.pdf.
Do you plan to apply for a student loan? *
Please note that students who wish to apply for a federal loan must be accepted into a degree program (diploma and certificate programs are ineligible.) They must also complete the steps as outlined on the website, including the completion of a loan request worksheet (this is not that worksheet), and they must register for a minimum of six credits per quarter to maintain Title IV eligibility. See the website and Academic Catalog (http://rpts.edu/catalog.pdf) for more details. While these funds may be used for tuition, books, travel to school, and living expenses, the Seminary recommends that such loans be kept to the absolute minimum, due to the difficulty of paying them back on a pastor’s salary. One of the important aspects of identifying a call to ministry is to identify how God is ordering your life so that you may rest assured that following the completion of your studies, you will not only be equipped, but you also will not be shackled with debt burdens.
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, how much do you intend to borrow via student loans during 2018-2019?
Enter a numeric value.
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Based upon my estimated expenses and my resources, I anticipate needing the following amount of aid from RPTS for the 2018-2019 academic year. *
Enter a numeric value ("0" if none). This figure is helpful to RPTS in determining the amount of aid awarded, but is not indicative of the actual award which may be given. Please use the following form to help you to determine your need: rpts.edu/pdf/Cost_of_Attendance_Worksheet_2018-2019.xlsx. After completing the form, please save a copy and email it to the Financial Aid Office: aid@rpts.edu. Your financial aid application will not be reviewed until both this application and the cost of attendance worksheet have been received.
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Current and Future Ministry Plans
How many years have you already been engaged in ministerial work?
(an officially recognized position within a local congregation or a parachurch ministry)
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Are you interested in the military chaplaincy? *
If you plan to minister in a foreign country after graduation, please list that country (or region).
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Application Submission
By submitting this application, you are affirming that the information being provided is true and complete. You also understand that any misrepresentation or omission may be cause for a revocation or adjustment to any scholarships you are granted. RPTS reserves the right to adjust scholarship amounts if necessary.

The Financial Aid Office will send an email acknowledgement when this application has been received. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Sampson (ssampson@rpts.edu or 412-731-3000).

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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