San Diego Fermentation Festival Presenter - Performer Application Form
Thank you for your interest in presenting or performing at the 4th annual San Diego Fermentation Festival, happening Sunday, February 11, 2018!
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Please provide an explanation of the presentation; what you will cover or demonstrate, or what services you are applying to provide (yoga, massage, e.g.) and then SELL IT! You're competing with other presentations and workshops... make it pop!
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This will be used in promotional materials and on the Festival program, etc.
Please upload a high quality head shot of you and optionally, 1-2 other pictures of your presentation/band/etc. These will be used in the promotional materials for the Festival.
Will you and your company also have a booth in the Makers Marketplace? *
As a Presenter or performer, you are entitled to a discounted booth to promote your business. If Yes, please be sure to also complete the MAKER application form. Link here:
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If you are providing services, do you have liability insurance? *
If yes to last question, please upload a copy of your current Liability Insurance policy.
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Please plan to bring your own cookware, cutting boards, utensils; do you need water, a cooktop, electricity, etc.?
How long do you anticipate the presentation will be? Include time for Q&A. *
Please keep it between 30 and 45 minutes.
Will you be SAMPLING food or non-alcoholic beverages during your presentation? *
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