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Please fill in this form to complete your registration for the GrEELab participant registry. Once you are in our registry, you can get invited to our economic experiments and you can earn money in them.
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: 
Note: we agreed with the Business Research Lab (formerly known as FEB Research Lab) that we do not recruit participants from their pool of students. In line with this agreement, students from the pool of the Business Research Lab are not eligible to participate in GrEELab studies.

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Terms and conditions
The information you provide in this 'GrEELab Registration Form' enters the GrEELab registration database. It will be treated confidentially and used for the following purposes:
- To inform interested students about GrEELab and its research studies and to invite them to participate, e.g. by adding them to a Brightspace page or contacting them via email. GrEELab research studies are typically experiments in our lab (5412.0014), but other types such as online studies can also occur. In case GrEELab switches to a different participant recruitment system in the future, the information will be added to that system.
- To check eligibility, also in coordination with the Business Research Lab.
- To perform a scientifically motivated selection for invitations
- To check the presence/absence of enrolled participants at our experiments. GrEELab may keep a record of participants' enrollment and of their presence/absence at the sessions that they enrolled to.

GrEELab does not add the data from the registration database to experimental datasets. Participants may decide at any time that they do not want to be part of the GrEELab registration database any more. At their request, their data will be erased from the registration base. Such a request can be made via emailing
The GrEELab registration form is constructed such that you first need to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting the form. In this way you consent to the processing of your data before GrEELab starts processing your data. Note also that there is a privacy officer at the FEB (the faculty where GrEELab belongs to): Mrs. Rina Koning (, who can be contacted for privacy related questions. For questions related to GrEELab and its experiments, you can contact
About participating in sessions:  
- Truthful instructions: GrEELab has a ‘no deception’ policy which prescribes that all information that participants get from the experimenter must be true. For example, if the instructions state that participants are paired with another participant then the experimenter has to make sure that this is indeed the case. Another example is that if the instructions describe a lottery, the experimenter has to ensure that the lottery is conducted with the exact probabilities and amounts of money that were stated in the instructions.
- If you receive an invitation and enroll to a session, please show up to that session. Only those people can participate in the session who enrolled to that particular session.
- Participation is voluntary and participants can leave any time. However, if a participant leaves the session without completing it, this participant will not be paid.
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