Grant for Racial Justice Event in Greater MN
The Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC), sponsor of the annual Overcoming Racism Conference, is offering grants of up to $2000 to support organizations and community groups in Greater Minnesota working to address racial justice and equity in their community.

Proposals will be evaluated on two primary criteria:  
1. Advancing racial just understanding and work.  
2.  Planning & implementation is collaborative, including representatives from multiple groups

Local partners would take the lead in planning and implementation. FREC would co-sponsor the event, which would include financial and logistical support. To apply, please fill out the application below. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The committee will begin proposal reviews in mid-January 2022.  Allow 2 months for a response.
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First and last name
Role/Title in Organization
Full Address (including city & zip code) *
Phone number *
Fiscal Agent:  If funding is approved, to whom should a check be made out and where should it be sent?
NEED:   Describe your community.  What are your unique challenges around racism? *
COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS:  Describe the other individuals and/or organizations in your community who you will partner with to host the racial justice event? (Does a formal or informal network exist? Are there religious, non-profit or government allies who will help?  How have  those most affected by issues of racism been involved in the planning?) *
EVENT PURPOSE   In one or two sentences, what is the purpose of this event?  
EVENT GOALS:  Name two to four goals for this event (How will this event make a difference in addressing racism)?
Event Narrative:  Describe format, presenters and any other information that might be helpful in capturing the nature of  this event.
Event Follow Up:  Describe ways this event might be a catalyst for continued racial justice work (How will you build on the success of this event)?
DATE & LOCATION OF EVENT:  When and where will this event will take place? *
BUDGET:  What is your proposed budget for this event? Please list income with source(s) as well as expenses.  An example budget is below as an illustration - you are welcome to use your own format. *
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FINANCIAL REQUEST:  What sponsorship amount are you requesting from FREC?
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT:  Besides finances, what kind of support do you need? (Help identifying speakers/panelists? Help with event format? Publicity)? *
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