2019 Film Fest Video Proposal
Please submit this form if your school is interested in presenting a video during the Film Fest Session.
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Fidelity of Implementation Criteria
2017-2018 and 2018-2019 MO SW-PBS data submission and implementation data will be reviewed to ensure that building is an active participant with MO SW-PBS and implementing SW-PBS with fidelity. This verification includes:

1. 2017-2018 Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) Schoolwide, Non-classroom and Classroom sub scale scores of at least 60% (please review your Total Score report at www.pbisapps.org)
2. Completion of 2018-2019 School Safety Survey (SSS)
3. Submission of 2018-2019 quarterly data (Quarter 1 and Quarter 2)

Video Submission
Provide the URL address for submitted video(s). (Should your video(s) be selected for viewing at the Film Fest, it will be necessary that we are able to download the video in advance).
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I have secured local permission from the student(s), teacher(s), and administrator(s) involved in the production of the submitted video(s) and have the authority to submit the video(s) to the Film Festival. The video may be used by MO SW-PBS for promotional purposes, at training, or on the website.
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Please note there is no registration fee reimbursement of any kind for participating in the Film Festival. We look forward to viewing your videos! If your video is selected, you will be notified on or before April 8, 2019. Thank you for your submission!
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