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The Sattler College work-study program exists as a mutually beneficial arrangement between Sattler College and the students involved. Through the work-study programs, students will develop the capacity to function in a professional environment, have an additional source of income to support their education, and learn how to manage relationships and work on a team. Sattler College will benefit from having input from an incredible group of students.

The work-study program is a part-time employment arrangement, students are placed on the payroll and paid based on the number of hours worked. On average, students can expect to work 10-15 hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour. These numbers and rates may vary.

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SC Marketing Assistant
SC Admissions Assistant
SDCL Videographer/Editor
SDCL Lab Coordinator/Storyteller
THF Platform Marketing and Operations
THF Instructional Developer
ESL Teacher
ESL Marketing Manager
ESL Micro-Class Teacher
ESL Head of Student Services
ESL Program Development and Administration
ESL Personal Tutors
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