Chapter 2 Quiz
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1. The audio engineer’s duties include _______. *
2. Which of the following is not found in a production proposal?
3. Primary functions of lighting are sufficient light to _________.
4. The floor manager is the only person in the studio other than the director who can yell, “Cut!”
5. The video engineer’s assistant is the gaffer.
6. Production values are the overall aesthetics of the production.
7. Editing is the process of placing scenes that were shot out of order into the correct order on the master program.
8. Anyone seen by the camera is called _____.
9. The _____ provides the funding for the production.
10. A(n) _____ is a person who regularly performs the duties of both the photographer and the reporter in the field.
11. A(n) _____ is employed by the producer to make certain that all facts and details within the script and production are accurate where necessary.
12. Any items handled by the performers except furniture is called _____.
13. Properly placing items in a shot by operating the camera and tripod is called _____.
14. Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production are the three primary stages of production.
15. I thoroughly read the Chapter Powerpoint and completed the Chapter Workbook Activities.
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