Environmental Justice Days of Action
We are partnering with other community organizations to bring you these volunteer opportunities to address food apartheid, litter, and illegal dumping. You can read more details of these events here: https://earthday-365.org/environmental-justice-days-of-action/

This form will be updated with new opportunities as they arise for 2024.

O'Fallon Park Family Fun Day & Environmental Justice Day of Action - Saturday, May 11th, 9am-12pm with North Newstead Association, MO Dept. of Conservation, City of St. Louis Forestry, & Young Friends of earthday365

If you are coordinating a group, please contact elizabeth@earthday-365.org to coordinate with us.
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Please indicate if you want to volunteer by checking yes or no for each event.

An email with meeting location and event details will be emailed 24-48 hours before the event start time.
O'Fallon Park Family Fun Day and Clean Up - Saturday, May 11th, 9am-12pm *
We are partnering again with North Newstead Association, MO Dept. of Conservation, City of St. Louis Forestry, and our Young Friends to hold a clean up. Meet at the O'Fallon Park Rec Center at 4343 W. Florissant Ave. Volunteers will be treated to 2 scoops from Scoops Italian Ice Truck, hot dogs (vegan or beef), chips, & drinks!
Group Name. If part of a group that has coordinated with our office, write the name of your organization/group. Individuals of each group must still individually register and sign the liability waiver and photo release.
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Liability Waiver and Photo Release
Voluntary - My participation in any of these Days of Action is voluntary. I will select the activities in which I will participate. I will choose activities that are within my physical capacities.

Assumptions of Risk - I acknowledge that work in alleys, streams, creeks, rivers, near roads and highways is inherently dangerous and that any and all risks associated with such work are voluntarily assumed. I realize that during these Days of Action, there are several ways that I could potentially hurt myself if I am not careful or choose a task that I am not capable of doing. For example, I might choose to (a) clean up slippery stream and river banks, (b)  wade in streams or rivers that may contain strong currents or uneven bottoms, (c) clean up near highways or roads, (d) cut vegetation with sharp tools, (e) pick up sharp, hazardous or very heavy items, and (f) clean up near a stream or river that may contain harmful pollutants, bacteria, or parasites. I realize that my participation in any of these activities is strictly voluntary and that I assume the risks associated with these activities. I could: (a) receive cuts and abrasions, (b) lose personal property such as watches or jewelry and (c) suffer serious bodily injury.

I do hereby for myself, my successors, heirs, and assigns, fully and completely release and hold harmless St. Louis Earth Day, all producing partners, sponsors and affiliates of St. Louis Earth Day and their officers, servants, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, and actions that I may have, or that my successors, heirs, or assigns may have, on account of loss, damage, or injury, including personal injury or death that I may sustain while volunteering.

I do hereby voluntarily assume all risks, known and unknown, from volunteering with St. Louis Earth Day’s Recycling On the Go program and Days of Action. The parties to this agreement understand that this document is not intended to release any party from any act or omission of “gross negligence,” as that term is used in applicable case law and/or statutory provision.

I understand that St. Louis Earth Day and its partners do not provide compensation, except as otherwise provided by law and that a volunteer does not have the status of benefits of an employee. I understand the position that I will perform.

I hereby irrevocably consent to St. Louis Earth Day, its employees, officials, agents, and representatives, for valuable consideration received, to use, authorize, and assign unlimited permission to use, publish and republish for any purpose whatsoever, by St. Louis Earth Day, or anyone authorized by St. Louis Earth Day, any and all photographs and video taken of me without further compensation to me. All such photographs and video shall become the property of St. Louis Earth Day.

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