MuPsych Custom Study
MuPsych is an experience sampling app that collects data during real-time listening episodes on mobile phones.

The MuPsych app is now available as a data collection tool for all music researchers, through the creation of custom ESM studies.

Possible uses include:
● Assessing any variables of interest during real-time music listening experiences, and linking these to individual, context, and music variables.
● Adding a newly developed scale/ questionnaire to MuPsych, to determine how the items relate to everyday listening behaviours
● To complement experimental research, by linking laboratory results to ecological measurements.
● Comparing the effects of music to other everyday stimuli, through the use of non-music ESRs.
● Any other custom design to tie existing research to the ecologically-valid and real-time measurements of the mobile ESM

Please note that this is available for academic purposes only, and must only be used for a specified research project.

Creating and running custom studies is completely free for music researchers.

To set up your custom MuPsych study:

1. Complete the form below, detailing all ESR screens and Surveys to add to the app (all required information will be provided on the following pages)

2. Obtain ethical clearance, and provide an information statement/ consent form to be included in the app

3. Promote your study with a unique code, which will be provided when the study is prepared

4. Download your study data at any time from

MuPsych was developed at the University of Jyväskylä by Dr Will M Randall and Dr Suvi Saarikallio, and is available now on Android devices.
(The original iOS version of MuPsych was developed at Monash University with Dr Nikki Rickard, but is currently unavailable for data collection)

For all questions and specific study requests, please contact

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