Spock Airdrop
Spock Network (www.spockchain.org) is the next-generation decentralized storage platform. In the early stage, Spock Network mainly stores Proof of Capacity (POC) consensus data to effectively utilize the most suitable decentralization technology to encourage miners providing hard disk space. On this basis, the support of smart contracts has also been added to support decentralized applications and POC-type tokens. In the future, the data stored in the Spock Network will support documents in any format such as documents, videos, and images.
The Airdrop
You can gain free SPOK tokens by joining Spock’s community: Telegram, Twitter and Reddit (see rules below). Please note that SPOK tokens are not for investment and profit gains; they are utility tokens that can be used in the Spock blockchain network.

This airdrop will reward the first 5000 participants. Each member will receive 250 tokens (equals ~$2.1 USD in value) for joining social channels and staying active (see rules below).
And, if an Airdrop participant also later participates in Spock’s mining process, there’s the opportunity to earn an additional 300 tokens (equals ~$2.6 USD in value) as participation rewards. More details on mining will be shared in social channels; mining participation will also be verified by the Spock team.

- Complete all 3 steps below to be eligible for receiving token rewards.
- All participation will be verified by the Spock admins.
- You must remain in all social channels (Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit) and be an active member to receive the rewards. An "active member" in Telegram means sharing relevant information or involving in discussions at least once per week.
- You can only participate once. Claiming the airdrop with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. Duplicate or fake entries will be detected and resulted in a permanent ban. Spam and advertising other projects will also result in a ban.
- Token reward distribution will occur 2 months after this Airdrop campaign ends.

1. Join Spock’s Telegram Group
Please visit this link: https://t.me/spockchain
Join Spock's Telegram group and be active (sharing information or involving in discussions at least once a week).
2. Follow Spock on Twitter
Please visit this link: https://twitter.com/ChainSpock
Follow Spock's Twitter, and be active (e.g. like, re-tweet)
3. Follow Spock on Reddit
Please visit this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/SPOCK_Chain_Official
Join/Subscribe to Spock's Reddit page, and be active (e.g. make posts)
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