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Dear Future 6th Graders:
Soon you will be entering the 6th grade and coming to middle school! In middle school, lots of things are different. One of the biggest things is that you get a new class called Exploratory. Most 6th graders don't get to pick their Exploratory class. However, 6th graders are allowed to pick band for Exploratory. In band you pick an instrument to play, like flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, French horn, trombone, or tuba, and you study that instrument for an entire year.

Dear Future Middle School Parents:
Music is a great way to ease your child into middle school life. In the fall, your child might be nervous in a new school, but being in band will introduce your child to many more students with similar interests. In band, your child can learn a talent that will last their entire life. Study after study has shown that musical training keeps kids in school, motivates them to succeed, and raises test scores. Students in music take great pride in the special privileges they receive: special field trips, concerts, and the opportunity to represent their school and their community.
Band enrollment is limited. Not everyone who wants to be in band will be enrolled in the class. If you and your child are interested, please fill out the web form as soon as possible to ensure your spot in band. I will place students on a “first come, first served” basis. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me, the band director, at Thanks!

Common Questions:

Do I have to know music to be in band?
NO!! Most 6th grade band students in VISTA HEIGHTS are BRAND NEW to music.

Do I have to get my own instrument to be in band?
Maybe. It depends on what instrument you want to play and how many I have available to borrow. If you know you need to borrow an instrument, try to be flexible.

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