Tradex Member Survey - 2019
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As a valued member, we rely on your feedback to help us design and fine tune the products and services we deliver.
Please help us serve you better by completing the following survey on the products and services offered by Tradex.

We know people are asked to fill out many such surveys nowadays, so we thought we should take a moment to explain how each section of the survey will be used to improve your overall Tradex experience.

Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better! For results, please check our website at and we will also present the results at our Annual General Meeting.

Tradex Team

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The survey begins with questions about you. These are for classification purposes only.
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The next section seeks to assess the relevant importance you place on our various products and services to ensure Tradex remains your financial provider of choice.
Please tell us the degree to which the following items are important to you: *
Not at all important
Somewhat un-important
Somewhat important
Very important
That Tradex is 100% member-owned
That the Tradex Fund MERs after annual rebates continue to be low for their category
Receiving unbiased investment advice
That Tradex has a 59-year stable history of evolving financial services
Annual Meeting Portfolio Managers' presentations
That 9 of the 10 Tradex Directors are independent
The relative performance of your mutual funds vs. others in their category
That Tradex is available only to public servants and their families
Low turnover of advisors
Customized individual portfolios
Socially responsible investing
That your advisor is salaried vs. commissioned
Ability to consolidate investments with a single firm
The investment industry in Canada has been undergoing changes for several years flowing from ongoing debates around additional disclosure requirements and the methods of compensation. The next section of the survey includes a few questions to inform us about our members’ perspectives on these areas.
How would you describe your satisfaction with the quality of the following aspects of Tradex? *
Not at all satisfied
Somewhat unsatisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Very satisfied
Not Applicable
The service provided by staff
The Quarterly Newsletter
The Annual Meeting
Our investment advice
The level of fees and charges
Your overall satisfaction
Tradex Equity Fund
Tradex Bond Fund
Tradex Global Equity Fund
Tradex Investment Savings
We are always working to stay current in the way we interact with both existing and potentially new Tradex members, which includes our presence on social media. We have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The next section seeks your feedback on how we are doing in our use of social media tools.
Do you/would you follow Tradex on social media to receive information, updates or online seminars? (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)
Are you aware we offer electronic Quarterly Reports and monthly statements?
Do you like the Tradex referral program?
Are you aware that you can access the #1 brokerage QTrade through Tradex?
Are you aware that you can hold third party mutual funds, such as those offered by the banks, CI Funds, Mackenzie and others without commission?
Would our Life Insurance service be of interest to you or someone you know?
Would you and your family benefit from an inter-generational transfer seminar hosted by Tradex?
Would you prefer more extensive account reporting if it meant a higher MER for the Tradex Funds?
We have received positive feedback in years past on both the overall financial market and Tradex Fund- specific updates presented each year at the annual meeting. In the survey we ask what other types of events/presentations you might find most useful for not only yourself, but also your friends and/or family members.
Have you recommended Tradex to a friend, family member or colleague?
Please tell us why/why not:
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Would you attend a Tradex seminar/webinar? *
If yes, what topic(s)?
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Up next, we ask about your interest in consolidating your investments with Tradex, as a growing asset base allows us to further reduce the expense ratios you pay for the Tradex Funds in the form of increased annual rebates.
Would you be interested in consolidating your investments with Tradex? *
If no, why not?
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Finally, the survey ends with an open-ended question to give you a chance to share your ideas on how we can continue to improve our service offering to you.
Other comments or suggestions on how Tradex might improve:
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