2018 Invitational Summer Institute Application
The National Writing Project & Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project
Kennesaw State University

April 26, 28; June 9, 11-15, 18-22; and once per month throughout the 2018 - 2019 school year

Deadline for early consideration: October 23, 2017

Final application deadline: March 12, 2018

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The power of the Invitational Summer Institute lies in full participation of the intensive two-week timeframe, with monthly meetings throughout the school year. Are you committed to arranging your schedule to attend all sessions at Kennesaw State University? *
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Briefly describe a successful writing strategy, a writing lesson, or a way you have used writing to help students learn. Explain why you think the strategy or lesson worked.
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What prompted you to apply to the Invitational Summer Institute? What do you hope to gain as a teacher/writer? What can you offer to the Institute and its academic year follow-up activities?
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Fellowship Applicants
Applicants for the Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) may also wish to apply for consideration for a special fellowship based on the criteria below. An applicant may apply for one fellowship for which he/she is eligible. Each fellowship will be awarded to one recipient; however, if you do not receive the fellowship for which you have applied, it does not disqualify you from otherwise being admitted to the ISI or receiving a fellowship for which you might be better suited. Fellowship recipients will receive a small stipend, but to receive this stipend the recipient will be required to submit a conference proposal (GCTE, NCTE, or comparable venue) based on his/her work in the ISI, to be negotiated with the ISI co-directors and KMWP Director.
Please select ONE fellowship below for which you are applying:
Please explain how you meet the criteria of the fellowship for which you are applying and describe the ways in which your interests and/or experience would benefit the ISI.
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